Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory

  • Work 4.0

    mobile assistants support employees and lighten their workload

  • Digitalization


    assists with planning, startup and predictive analysis

  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0

    is the perfect combination of lean principles, IT and automation

  • Intelligent assistance systems

    Intelligent assistance systems

    connect the individual process steps in the smart factory and work together with humans

The factory of the future requires a high degree of flexibility, maximum efficiency and implementation of batch sizes of just one unit, while at the same time optimizing costs. Perfectly implemented lean principles, one-piece flow and methods based on Industry 4.0 provide the basis for modular and efficient production according to customer requirements – in batch sizes of just one unit if need be.

The key to success in the smart factory?

An employee working together with a mobile assistant
Intelligent cooperation between humans and technology
Intelligent cooperation between humans and technology

The fully networked value chain with intelligent cooperation between humans and technology, assistive automation systems as well as newly conceived, future-proof material flow and logistics concepts. Logistics processes have to constantly evolve in order to keep up with changing requirements. This is made possible thanks to modular, excellently designed process modules, which are networked in transportation and storage logistics via cellular transportation systems.

Mobile systems, or cyber-physical systems, from SEW¬EURODRIVE combine the advantages of stationary materials handling technology in relation to process, plant and personnel safety with maximum flexibility and scalability. Offering advanced functions and interfaces, these systems are not only able to perform transportation tasks but also assist humans in logistics and production processes, for example, as an intelligent workbench or collaborating robot.

Modular assistants

Mobile assistant
Mobile assistants connect work steps
Mobile assistants connect work steps

When implementing the mobile systems, we also make use of our extensive range of modular products and technology. This enables us to configure transport vehicles and assistance systems for our customers' specific applications. To ensure a smooth process sequence in the factories, state-of-the-art navigation, tracking and communication methods, such as light communication or the laser SLAM method, are used in connection with the mobile assistance systems.

Fewer questions - understand more?

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