Decentralised drive technology

  • Decentralised drive technology

You want to get your automation, control and regulation technology out of the switch cabinet and into the field? Then our distributed drive and automation technology offers exactly the right solutions.

The all-rounder - MOVIGEAR® performance

Intelligent, slim, efficient and cost-saving: this is what decentralised drive technology can achieve. Our MOVIGEAR® is a combination of motor, gear unit and electronics in one compact unit and speaks all common Ethernet dialects.

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The specialist - MOVIGEAR® classic

Our MOVIGEAR® classic combines gear unit and motor in one housing to form a drive unit and already offers motor efficiency class IE5. Combine this hygienic and energy-saving drive unit with electronics close to the motor or installed in the control cabinet.

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More freedom in lean automation

The new MOVIMOT® flexible field distributor makes your decentralized automation flexible and slim, because the field distributor moves the automation from the control cabinet directly into the field and can be installed close to the motor. MOVIMOT® flexible also makes no difference whether it is used to control synchronous or asynchronous motors - it can do both. So you decide how slim and flexible your system should be.

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