Getting ready for Christmas with SEW-EURODRIVE

  • Getting ready for Christmas

    Take some time for the most wonderful time of the year...

    ...and browse through our collection of tips and stories relating to Advent and the end of the year.

Take time, give time

Christmas is rapidly approaching, a season that for many is the best time of the year. Finally, we can enjoy our first mulled wine at the Christmas market, devour grandma’s freshly baked Christmas cookies and spiced gingerbreads and – most of all – spend time with friends and family. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about – taking time for the things that are really important, time to recharge your batteries, time to savor some treats, time to come together, time for something new.

Time to recharge your batteries

Want to stay fit despite the unrelenting cold and wet of December? We’ve put together a few fitness tips and some useful information about carrying oversize baggage on flights. And did you know that we also drive ski lifts?

Time to come together

The Christmas spirit isn’t all about cookies and cake. What could be better than spending Advent with your nearest and dearest, watching the Christmas story unfold on the stage?

Time to savor some treats

Christmas is also a time to spoil yourself with culinary delights, and there’s no doubt that Christmas markets are the perfect place to pick up tasty treats. Does the thought of mulled wine, eggnog, stollen, Christmas cake, nuts, marzipan and all manner of festive foods make your mouth water? Find out just how quickly our multipacker with top loader can pack that most famous German Christmas delicacy – Lebkuchen.

Time to make some happy memories

We’ve all been there when ordering Christmas gifts online – receive package, unpack package, wrap present, deliver present, unwrap present. What happens with all that packaging waste? Specialists are now using our servo drives and motion controllers to put an end to this packaging madness.

Time for something new

We take a look back at an exciting and eventful 2016 packed with thrilling moments … and start the new year full of drive.

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