Curtain up for the Christmas ensemble

Colleagues make music for colleagues
Curtain up......for the Christmas Ensemble of SEW-EURODRIVE

Music kindles the festive spirit

"Alle Jahre wieder", "We wish you a Merry Christmas", "Feliz Navidad". Year after year, songs like these really put us in the Christmas spirit. Music is a wonderful tool for helping us reflect and think about the things that really matter.

Each year, in the week leading up to Christmas, the musical ensemble from SEW-EURODRIVE creates an amazing tuneful atmosphere that is just right for Advent. Almost 30 musicians at our Bruchsal and Graben-Neudorf plants – including former employees – come together to perform selected pieces. Two rehearsals is all the experienced group needs to captivate their audience of co-workers – something they’ve been doing for nine years now.

An employee:

I think the musical program our colleagues put together is really amazing. I haven’t missed any of the concerts to date.

Merry Christmes

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Merry Christmes

Video: Our Christmas Ensemble in action 2017

Did you know that music makes you happy?

Whether you’re listening to it, playing it or singing – music makes you happy because it touches us like virtually no other type of art can.

Children will often sing themselves a happy little tune and be totally present in the here and now. Unfortunately, as the years go by, we start to lose that ability more and more. Why is that?

Music does us good and listening to it – whatever type it is – boosts the release of either adrenaline or noradrenaline. So it’s high time we engaged with music again – and the Christmas season offers an excellent opportunity to do just that.

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