Smiling children

Everyone enjoys presents
Everyone ...... enjoys presents

Time to make some happy memories

Socks, soft toys, jewelry, vouchers – everyone wants to give their loved ones some happy memories at Christmas with presents small and large, not to mention the added joys that come with the gift of giving itself. Every year, we look forward to all those feelings that go hand-in-hand with the act of unwrapping a present. The excitement, anticipation and happiness are what it’s all about – for the giver and the receiver alike.

However, there are lots of children and young people in Germany who find themselves in difficult social circumstances. For them, Christmas isn’t necessarily the season of joy. To try and change that and make sure more children find a nice surprise under the Christmas tree, our staff decided to make a real commitment during Advent 2017.

Employees in Bruchsal and Graben-Neudorf and in our Technical Offices, Drive Centers and Drive Technology Centers across Germany took great pleasure in sending out more than 600 parcels to educational facilities for children and young people in the region.

Our employees say:

It was a great campaign that was about much more than just giving presents to children. We all had the opportunity to offer some hope and spread the Christmas message. These moments of happiness also helped us boost our own wellbeing!

Merry Christmas
Beaming faces under the Christmas tree

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Merry Christmas

No one expected so many presents

Whether on their own initiative, in a group or as a department – everyone launched into the task at hand and diligently sent out surprises with a personal Christmas greeting. The campaign, which was organized as part of our vital360° occupational health management program , didn’t just set out to bring some Christmas cheer to children, it also aimed to help our staff.

After all, a crucial aspect of our health is deeply rooted in our sense of belonging to a community and our emotional wellbeing, particularly at Christmas. Stay happy, stay healthy!

We’d like to thank all the Christmas angels at SEW-EURODRIVE for all the colorful parcels!

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