Sustainability along the entire value chain

For many years now, we have been dealing with topics such as recycling in the sense of a sustainable circular economy. In our new plants, we are setting standards for the use and generation of renewable energies with photovoltaics and combined heat and power plants. And last but not least, by making our drives as energy-efficient as possible, we also support our customers in achieving their climate targets.

Our sustainability strategy for today and for the future

SEW-EURODRIVE building with green meadow

We are aware that much of what we have realized to date in our company at the sustainability level and are currently planning can only ever be an intermediate step. That is why we never see our efforts to work sustainably as completed. Rather, they are part of continuous and company-wide processes that must always be improved and expanded.

At SEW-EURODRIVE, sustainability is therefore the basis of our corporate actions and affects the entire value chain within the company:

  • People
  • Products and services
  • Supply and raw material chains
  • Production and business processes
  • Ethics and governance


If you have any questions about our commitment to sustainability, please feel free to contact us.

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Sustainability report 2022

You would like to get more detailed information about our sustainability activities and results so far?

Read more about it here.

Jürgen Blickle, Managing Partner

"People make the difference. This credo has always accompanied us at SEW-EURODRIVE: Our products are conceived, developed and optimized by people. Together with committed people, we focus all our actions in the company on people and on the future of mankind. Preserving and protecting our common basis of life - that is exactly what sustainability means and what drives us at SEW-EURODRIVE."