Stories from over 90 years of SEW-EURODRIVE: Jesse Adrian Galloway

Despite growth – a large family

Jesse Adrian Galloway
Jesse Adrian Galloway, Corporate administration and training, Lyman, USA

I’m 55 years old and have worked for SEW-EURODRIVE USA in Lyman since July 19, 2004 as an ISO Corporate Auditor, Trainer and LMS Administrator in the Corporate Administration and Training department. I still remember my first day at SEW-EURODRIVE.

I enjoyed the courtesy of all the colleagues at the Lyman campus. I particularly enjoyed the open environment for learning and trying new methods for developing and presenting training materials.

Seit fast 39 Jahren bin ich in die Arbeitswelt eingebunden. Allein 12 Jahre davon bei SEW-EURODRIVE. Das ist eine lange Zeit – und länger als bei jedem anderen Arbeitgeber, bei dem ich zuvor war. Ich denke, das spricht für sich – und für das Unternehmen. Ich glaube, ich kann mit Fug und Recht behaupten, dass ich in dieser Zeit nahezu alle Geschäftsaspekte unseres Unternehmens kennenlernen durfte. Hier gibt es so viele Möglichkeiten zur persönlichen und beruflichen Weiterentwicklung, die andere Unternehmen einfach nicht bieten. […] Unser Unternehmen ist in den letzten Jahren enorm gewachsen, aber man kann nach wie vor die familiäre Atmosphäre spüren. Wir sind eben jetzt eine Großfamilie.

Personal mile stones


I began in corporate training in July 2004. My primary duties initially were to set up and launch our learning management system (LMS) for the U.S. (and Canada at the time). I was also involved in instructional design, curriculum development, and the implementation of the mentoring program for the customer service departments (inside sales) in the United States.

In late 2005, I was offered the position of quality auditor in our ISO compliance area, and have since moved primarily to this area, overseeing the audit program for the Lyman and Wellford facilities as well as providing oversight for the audit programs at the other U.S. facilities. I am much more involved in the daily production process than I was during the time in training, and this has given me the opportunity to learn our customers’ needs.

Good cooperation with German colleagues

What drives me on is the opportunity to work in an international environment with colleagues from around the world. I particularly enjoy working with my colleagues from Germany, who bring back memories of the time I spent living and working in Germany (not too far away from Bruchsal in Kaiserslautern).

Not long after I began working for SEW-EURODRIVE, my colleagues from the training department and I had the chance to participate in an international trainers’ meeting with the DriveAcademy® staff in Bruchsal. The professionalism and enthusiasm of the DriveAcademy® staff impressed me immediately, and we continue to work well together all these years later.

The company has grown significantly in the intervening years, but I still sense that familial character that the original 16 employees no doubt felt as they greeted each other daily and went to work – driving the world!

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