Stories from over 90 years of SEW-EURODRIVE: Yongsung Won

Korea is certainly worth a visit

Yongsung Won
Yongsung Won, Head of order processing at the Ansan assembly plant

Korea has been divided since 1948. Even now, the two states of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) are still linked by a shared language, history and cultural traditions.

SEW-EURODRIVE operates two assembly plants and six Technical Offices in South Korea. The main sectors are the automotive, logistics and tire industries, and automatic parking garages. SEW-EURODRIVE Korea was founded in Ansan in 1990. In fall 2015, Jürgen Blickle congratulated the company on its 25th anniversary.

Yongsung began his career at SEW-EURODRIVE shortly after graduating from university in 1997. His first job was in materials management. Today he heads up order processing in Ansan, a city with around 800 000 inhabitants.

In March this year, a Drive Technology Center (DTC) opened in Ulsan to provide enhanced support for the automotive industry. In a further move to meet its ambitious targets, last year saw SEW Korea exhibit at a trade fair – the Korea Industry Fair – for the first time in ten years.

Sports are a great opportunity to get rid of stress and develop relationships

“We need to emphasize the benefits of our global service network,” says Yongsung. And talking about networks – after lunch, he plays table tennis with his colleagues, and once a month they play soccer after work. There is also a baseball team and cycling club. “These sports are a great opportunity to get rid of stress and develop relationships,” says Yongsung.

Focus on solutions

We need to focus even more on applications such as automatic parking systems, the airport and automotive sectors, expanding the industrial gear units business, and – a recent addition – MAXOLUTION® projects.

Typically Korean

Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul
Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul
Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul

As well as a visit to the demilitarized zone, Yongsung recommends seeing the Gyeongbok palace in Seoul. “Visitors can tour the palace grounds, see reenactments of historical royal ceremonies, dress up in royal costumes and even receive an introduction to taekwondo, the Korean martial art,” says Yongsung.

When it comes to food, Korea has two specialties: Kimchi – cabbage pickled using lactic fermentation – is Korea’s most famous traditional food and epitomizes Korean cuisine, as it is served with almost every meal in the country. Bibimbap consists of a bowl of cooked white rice, topped with various vegetables and gochujang (a chili paste). It is often accompanied by egg and sliced meat. Everything is stirred together thoroughly before serving.

Facts and figures

South Korea in brief

  • Continent:
  • Country
    Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  • System of government:
    Semi-presidential system
  • National language:
  • Capital:
  • Geography/area:
    South Korea covers an area of 99 392 square kilometers. Some 290 square kilometers are water. There are no large natural lakes. South Korea comprises the southern section of the Korean peninsula and offshore islands.
  • Population:
    51 500 986 inhabitants
  • Religion:
    Freedom of religion guaranteed under the constitution
  • Currency:
  • Climate/weather:
    Temperate climate zone
  • Time zone:
    UTC +9.

Onsite at SEW-EURODRIVE Korea

Your network for top-notch advice and fast support in Korea:

In our two Drive Technology Centers (DTC) in Ansan and Busan, we have brought our expertise in the fields of sales, service, engineering, system integration, training and assembly plant together under one roof. Together with the new Drive Cemter (DC) in Ulsan (sales and service) and four additional Technical Sales Offices, SEW-EURODRIVE is always near to it's customers in South Korea.

Milestones for SEW-EURODRIVE Korea

Assembly plant Ansan
Assembly plant Ansan
Assembly plant Ansan
  • 1990: Foundation of SEW Korea
  • 1991: Opening of the assembly plant in Ansan
  • 1993: Opening of the Technical Office in Daegu
  • 1995: Opening of the technical sales office in Gwangju
  • 1996: Opening of the technical sales office in Seoul
  • 1997: Opening of the technical sales office in Daejeon
  • 2003: Opening of the second assembly plant in Busan
  • 2012: Expansion of the assembly plant in Ansan
  • 2015: SEW Korea celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • 2016: Opening of the DTC in Ulsan

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