Stories from over 90 years of SEW-EURODRIVE: Kurt Fuchs

Service makes all the difference

Kurt Fuchs, Retiree, former head of Electronics Service Germany
Kurt Fuchs, Retiree, former head of Electronics Service Germany

I worked for SEW-EURODRIVE from 1966 to 2017. As Head of the Electronics Service department in Germany, I was mainly based at the Bruchsal site, but I also travelled regularly to many of our other production plants and Drive Technology Centers around the world to share and build up our specialist expertise.

In my role as an electronics service specialist for SEW-EURODRIVE, I was responsible for ensuring smooth processes, innovative concepts and clearly identified added value for the company’s customers. SEW-EURODRIVE has long been aware that we need to go above and beyond simply supplying our customers with high-quality drive electronics products.

It is just as important to focus on delivering optimized solutions, reliable support and rapid assistance whenever services are required. When it comes to services, SEW-EURODRIVE sets exceptionally high standards – this is thanks to the active contributions of all staff, from individual assembly technicians right through to senior management.

We provide customers with an effective safety net – we aim to use our exceptional expertise and social competence to boost customer satisfaction. We want to secure our position as the best in the industry.

Sharing expertise all over the world

The first mobile service telephone to be used
The first mobile service telephone to be used
The first mobile service telephone to be used

In fact, SEW-EURODRIVE started developing organizational structures to ensure an effective electronics service back in the 1970s. What began as a department of 12 staff members responsible for engineering, manufacturing and service at a single, central location (with just one person allocated to service) has now become a global network of specialists ready to deliver their expertise to customers all over the world. Over the years, the SEW-EURODRIVE Electronics Service portfolio has continued to be expanded in tandem with the growing range of products we offer in this field.

In the 1980s, in particular, our electronics services were significantly boosted to coincide with the introduction of controlled drives for automation. One key milestone was the launch of the frequency inverter field service in 1985, allowing us to support our international customers from a centralized location in Germany.

From 1990, we extended our range of electronic components still further, setting up a dedicated Service department within our organizational structure for Sales. Important developments here included staff training and the introduction of 24-hour field service availability. 1994 marked the start of our “Global electronics repairs” project. Initially only available in Italy and France, these services have now been extended to more than 40 international branches.

Our global Electronics Service ensures smooth processes

This project and its results formed the basis for the comprehensive Electronics Service portfolio we currently have in place – the SEW-EURODRIVE Complete Drive Service (CDS®). We now have a networked team of almost 150 staff working across field service, complaint management, repairs, hotline services, project handling, centralized services, training and SEW EURODRIVE support, all committed to ensuring smooth processes for the services we offer our customers. All in all, it is clear that our global Electronics Service has established itself as a genuine problem-solving force that delivers real added value.

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