11.04.2023 • This time, a software module became Product of the Year 2023 – 1. Place in the Robotics category – excellent. The MOVIKIT® PowerAndEnergySolutions add-on PredictiveChargeControl. We are proud of this award from the Industrial Production magazine.

Parameterization instead of programming: All MOVIKIT® software modules are designed for time-saving startup of the respective drive and/or Automation task. The MOVIKIT® PowerAndEnergySolutions add-on PredictiveChargeControl, which was awarded the "Product of the Year 2023" award in the "Robotics" category, combines this added value with intelligent energy management in applications where both motor and regenerative energy are generated.

The module predictively sets the state of charge of the energy storage unit and thus prevents overcharging of the DC link during the recuperation phase.Common components such as braking resistors can be completely avoided and energy storage units can be designed smaller. An advantage over conventional solutions for the MOVIKIT® PowerAndEnergySolutions add-on PredictiveChargeControl software module. This means you can save space and costs in your system.

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