Greater clarity regarding international regulations


Drive technology and drive electronics must comply with the laws, technical standards, directives, and ordinances of the countries and/or economic unions where they are being used. Which regulations apply to which products in which country, though?

International regulations – Which? Where? When?

Besides ensuring compliance with laws, technical standards, directives, and ordinances when using our products internationally, it is also essential to take into account functional and/or product-related requirements.

It's often difficult to keep track, so we have compiled all the relevant details for you in a clear and compact format.

In just four clicks, you can get all the key information you need on our website:

  • Select your country of use.
  • Indicate the required product component.
  • Choose between product labeling and efficiency requirement (further regulations will follow).
  • In the concise result, you will see everything you need to know at a glance: General information about international regulations, but also areas of application, recommendations relating to worldwide use, and a list of all compliant products.

In just four clicks, you are ready for international use! Take a look right now:

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