09.07.2021 • Since the beginning of the year, MOVITRAC® advanced frequency inverters have completed the MOVI-C® modular automation system. A MOVITRAC® advanced not only saves space in your control cabinet, the high level of operating convenience also saves you time during startup and diagnostics. The power range of up to 315 kW also ensures flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Space is a precious commodity, especially when you're talking about control cabinets. Here, every centimeter that can be saved often counts. For this reason, we manufacture our new MOVITRAC® advanced in a compact design. This all-rounder controls and monitors both synchronous and asynchronous AC motors, with and without encoders. Asynchronous motors with LSPM technology or synchronous and asynchronous linear motors are also no problem for this flexible inverter.

The MOVI-C® modular automation system always offers you a complete solution for both centralized and decentralized installations: from inverter technology and drive technology to control technology - all from a single source.

You can also benefit from other advantages of MOVITRAC® advanced, such as automatic startup of a motor with the electronic nameplate, simple unit replacement without an engineering PC or by using our preconfigured MOVIKIT® software module.

For more information on our MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter click here. For more information on our MOVI-C® modular system and our inverters, click here .