28.05.2021 • Colombia has adjusted the requirements for electrical installations and the identification of electric drives to comply with the international conditions. Our asynchronous motors in the DR.. series comply with these local regulations and possess the necessary RETIE and RETIQ certificates.

We take the burden of the certification off our customers

In line with the "Global Motor" approach, SEW-EURODRIVE has been ensuring for several years that the asynchronous motors in our DR.. series satisfy local legislation and regulations all over the world. Our experts go to great lengths to run through the sometimes extremely complex and cost-intensive certification processes, even as far as plant audits.

Our asynchronous motors are now also approved for the market in Colombia in accordance with the locally applicable RETIE (electrical installations) and RETIQ (identification) regulations. In this way, we relieve both our customers in the South American country itself and our customers exporting there of the cost-intensive certification burden. The advantage of this is that they can use the corresponding motors immediately and without any further measures, complying 1:1 with the applicable local specifications. Export to Colombia from all SEW-EURODRIVE locations is also permitted.

The Republic of Colombia is located in the northwest of South America, is the second most heavily populated state in the subcontinent, and represents one of the most important growth markets there in economic terms. Accordingly, SEW-EURODRIVE is represented there with five sites of its own, and our national headquarters are located in the capital, Bogotá.

Our local presence gives us the great advantage that we have experts on site who are experienced in standardization work and who speak the national language. These employees are very familiar with the typical local bureaucracy and have handled all necessary business with the authorities.

The certificates are valid for three years. The certification process included type testing and an audit of the management system. It is planned to conduct a monitoring audit after 1.5 years. All labels relating to standards and legal regulations are found on our motors' nameplates and on the URE label.

An overview of the regulations:

(Reglamento Técnico de Instalaciones Eléctricas – English: Technical Regulations for Electrical Installations)

  • The requirements for motors are described in section 20.21 and comply with the standard IEC 60034-1
  • This affects all motors as from 0.375 kW
  • SEW-EURODRIVE complies with the RETIE requirements with the motors in the following series:
    • DRN.. (1 speed) as from 0.18 kW
    • DRS../DR2S.. (pole-changing motors) from 0.18 kW

(Reglamento Técnico de Etiquetado – English: Technical Regulations for Labeling)

  • Label: URE (Etiqueta para el uso racional de energía elétrica – English: Label for the rational use of electrical energy)
  • The following are affected:
    • Single-phase motors (2-, 4-, and 6-pole): 60 Hz, rated power 0.18 to 1.5 kW, voltage up to 240 V
    • AC motors (2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-pole): 60 Hz, rated power 0.18 to 373 kW, voltage up to 600 V
  • SEW-EURODRIVE complies with the RETIQ requirements with the motors in the following series:
    • DRN.. (1 speed): 60 Hz, rated power from 0.18 to 200 kW, 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-pole.

The minimum requirement regarding the energy efficiency classes for motors has regularly been made more stringent since 2016, and the final tightening is scheduled for August 2021.

You will find more information here: DR.. series AC motors (1 speed) Pole-changing DR.. series AC motors (2 speeds) Energy efficiency tools marketing@sew-eurodrive.de