Employees collect money for building wells in Africa


Drinking is not only vital in the summer! Although we don't feel as thirsty in the colder months, our bodies are deceiving us. It is just as important to stay hydrated in winter, for example to prevent illnesses and stay fit and healthy.

A hand holding a 5-euro note to put into a charity box
SEW-EURODRIVE employees donate to a good cause

At our latitudes, it is easy to enjoy a glass of water at any time – but that is not the case the world over. Some 80 percent of all illnesses in poor countries are caused by polluted drinking water, while water shortage is threatening almost half of the world's population. Help is urgently required!

"Drink for yourself and donate money to Africa!"

This was the slogan of the Christmas Vital Campaign 2018, organized through our vital360° occupational health management program. In addition to raising awareness about the need to drink the recommended 1.5 liters of water or unsweetened drinks, we called on our employees to make donations, too. Our aim was to make a contribution to providing clean drinking water in Africa by helping finance a well-building project in Ethiopia. Staff were able to choose how much to donate to the campaign, which ran between December 3 and 16. To this end, special donation boxes were places next to the water dispensers installed at our German sites. It was also possible to donate by making a bank transfer to a dedicated account.

Two men hold a symbolic check in their hands
Hamdi H. (left) presents the symbolic check to Klaus J. (right)
Hamdi H. (left) presents the symbolic check to Klaus J. (right)

Our total donations – top notch!

It turns out we're good at more than just drive engineering! In just under two weeks, the Vital Campaign collected the magnificent sum of 15 000 euros. Of this, 8 568 euros were donated by employees, with the remaining 6 432 euros from SEW-EURODRIVE itself. We are overwhelmed by this outcome, and are proud of the wonderful commitment shown by our employees.

About the project

Alpha-Bet Äthiopien e.V. is a charitable organization that aims to improve living conditions in Ethiopia, particularly in Yanbeli, where there is a shortage of fresh drinking water. Neither the school nor the village has a well. Any water required must be collected from a water hole in a valley several kilometers away using canisters that are generally then brought back on the backs of donkeys. The new deep well with water storage and a network of connected taps is set to safeguard the water supply to large parts of Yanbeli with a capacity of around 30 000 liters a day.

Would you also like to make a donation to support the work of Alpha-Bet Äthiopien e.V. or find out more about the organization? You can find all the information you need on its website at Alpha-Bet Äthiopien e.V. (German only).

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