SEW-EURODRIVE honors long-serving staff


The 73 employees working at German sites who are celebrating an anniversary this year have a combined total of 2050 years at the company under their belts. In all, 15 of their number have each worked at the company for 40 years, while 15 of them joined SEW-EURODRIVE 25 years ago. A total of 153 employees were honored worldwide.

Jubilees and executive board of SEW-EURODRIVE standing in the foyer
Employees celebrating 40 years at SEW-EURODRIVE with the executive board

The annual anniversary celebration in Bruchsal Civic Center is a great tradition that sees honored employees from the German sites rubbing shoulders with the management team of the SEW-EURODRIVE Group. On Friday November 17, 2017, in a convivial atmosphere set by a reception and the compulsory glasses of bubbly, Managing Partner Jürgen Blickle praised the achievements of the employees and thanked them for their many years of loyalty and dedication. When the longest-serving among them joined in 1977, annual sales at SEW-EURODRIVE were 128 million euros while headcount was at 2680. By 1992, the workforce had risen to 6095, sales amounted to 501 million euros and a new plant had been opened in Forbach, France.

The Mayoress of Bruchsal, Cornelia Petzold-Schick, picked up where Mr. Blickle left off and passed on the congratulations of Minister President Kretschmann to those celebrating their 40th anniversaries, as well as his appreciation for their loyal service. First Deputy Mayor of Graben-Neudorf Karl-Heinz Kling echoed the sentiments expressed by his counterpart from Bruchsal. He handed out the certificates of merit from the Baden-Württemberg region to the employees from Graben-Neudorf who were celebrating 40 years at the company and brought a message of congratulations from his community. The numerous employees celebrating 25 years were congratulated at their tables by their line managers.

Managing Partner Jürgen Blickle standing at the speaker's desk
Managing Partner Jürgen Blickle thanked the long-serving staff
Managing Partner Jürgen Blickle thanked the long-serving staff

Once all the congratulations had been passed on, everyone was finally able to tuck into the hot and cold dishes that had been set out for them in a magnificent buffet. The refreshment break was also a perfect opportunity for the employees to talk to each other, whether while waiting in line at the buffet or enjoying the culinary delights at the specially decorated tables.

After the break, it was the turn of Chairman of the Works Council Rainer Mail to thank those present. Elvira Kratz gave a speech on behalf of the employees celebrating 40 years at SEW, in which she took a look back at the company’s history and thanked SEW-EURODRIVE. Acoustic band 2-PLUGGED from Bruchsal were back again this year to provide the musical entertainment. Lots of guests stayed after the official end of the celebration to listen to them. There was certainly a great deal of fond reminiscing and more than a few amusing stories were told. Although there aren’t any details to share, one thing is certain – the employees and their guests won’t forget this celebration for a long time to come.