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Our in-house kindergarten

As a family-owned company, our commitment to harmony between work and family life is more than just lip service. Our kindergarten shows our dedication to this concept.

Family and work in perfect harmony

The Morgentau kindergarten – family and work in perfect harmony
The Morgentau kindergarten – family and work in perfect harmony
The Morgentau kindergarten – family and work in perfect harmony

In order to secure the future of our company, we invest a lot in our staff. We know how important good, safe childcare is to working mothers and fathers, and the wellbeing of our staff and their families is a topic close to our hearts. Morgentau, our in-house kindergarten, helps you to keep track of both your career and your family.

Completed in September 2015, the 1300 m² facility offers a second home to up to 100 preschool children. Of course, the kindergarten is also located close to our premises in Bruchsal – just a stone's throw from the office door for many of our staff.

There are 30 crèche spaces available for the tiniest newcomers (nine weeks to three years old), and a further 88 for two-and-a-half to six-year-olds. Apart from between Christmas and New Year, the doors at Morgentau are open all year round, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. This means that your children will also have somewhere to go during vacation. Our opening times make us a pioneer in terms of corporate childcare in the Bruchsal area – closed for just ten days (24.12. to 06.01.) a year, we offer an unprecedented level of availability and convenience.

Learning through play

Learning through play in a safe, friendly environment
Learning through play in a safe, friendly environment
Learning through play in a safe, friendly environment

In the Morgentau kindergarten, our employees' little ones will spend their early days in a playful environment that will help them learn with the best care around. Under the watchful eye of Kindergarten manager Annegret Zerban-Stihler and her team of highly trained carers, kids from nine weeks old to school age can build, create, play music and experiment at our innovative "learning islands." We even have a special room to introduce them to the world of water, with different pools where they can discover for themselves how this fascinating element works. All around the learning islands are group rooms, nap rooms, washrooms and meeting rooms.

Morgentau kindergarten – FAQs

How many spaces does the kindergarten have, and for what ages?

The kindergarten has 30 crèche spaces for children from nine weeks to three years old, and 88 spaces for children aged two and a half to six.

Are the spaces reserved specially for employees' children?

Yes only children of SEW-EURODRIVE staff can use the kindergarten.

Where is the kindergarten?

The kindergarten is located directly opposite our parking lot, close to our premises in Bruchsal, on Fritz-Erler-Straße 41.

When is the kindergarten open?

The kindergarten is open Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., all year round. It is only closed between Christmas and New Year.

How does teaching at Morgentau work?

We treat every child as an individual and unique person, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion or denomination, showing them kindness and ensuring that they feel valued. We encourage their strengths and help them to develop their personalities in all fields of learning.

We help your children prepare for life as a true individual in a wider society, showing them that togetherness, communication, cooperation, conflict management, dialog and relationships are what really matter. We also introduce them to the concept of taking on responsibility – for themselves as well as for others, the community and the environment.

The pedagogic specialists of Netzwerk Mensch act as confidantes and the first point of contact for parents and children alike.

How much does a space in the kindergarten cost?

Costs depend on the group type and the age of your child, but contributions match the standard level for the region.

What does the contribution cover?

The kindergarten contribution covers the costs of care and all hygiene items, such as diapers, wipes and toothbrushes. It also helps to pay for the long opening hours and low number of days the kindergarten is completely closed. What's more, your childcare costs are tax-deductible. Two-thirds of childcare costs are accepted for tax purposes, up to a maximum of 4000 euros per child and year (Section 10, Para. 1 (5), Clause 1, EStG (German Income Tax Law)).

Can part-time employees sign their children up for the kindergarten, too?

Yes, the kindergarten service is available to all our staff in equal measure.

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