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Your orientation phase: Getting things right from the outset

Are you eager to get started and ready to jump in immediately? We make it easy for you.

The best possible start together

New employees in product familiarization with a trainer
We train our new employees using the latest method
We train our new employees using the latest method

Welcome to SEW-EURODRIVE! As a new employee, you will complete our intensive orientation program, with seminars, product training courses, and other exciting measures that are ideally tailored to your particular field of work.

During this structured program, you receive all the information you need to get started successfully: You will get to know your colleagues and other departments and, at our DriveAcademy®, learn all about our products and technologies.

You'll enjoy your orientation phase from day one, with project-based learning in study groups and job-specific, individualized depth.

Once the orientation phase is complete, you won't just know a lot about your work environment and the products and processes in the company, but can also benefit from a cross-departmental network that supports you in carrying out your tasks. We ensure that you feel comfortable with us from the outset. Only if we work together can we be successful.

Learn more from first hand: Employees report on their projects at SEW-EURODRIVE.

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