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Your orientation phase: Getting things right from the outset

Are you eager to get started and ready to jump in immediately? We make it easy for you: Our orientation program provides detailed information about the company so you can get your career off to a flying start.

More than just training

We provide an intensive orientation program
We provide an intensive orientation program
We provide an intensive orientation program

As a new employee, you will complete our intensive orientation program, with seminars, product training courses, and other measures tailored to your particular field of work. On our “New at SEW” induction day, you can also visit our plants in Bruchsal and Graben-Neudorf, obtain a great deal of important information, and make contact with your new colleagues.

Your individual orientation and qualification plan allows us to prepare you for your daily work in the shortest possible time. During this structured program, you receive all the information you need to get started successfully: You will get to know other departments and attend our DriveAcademy® to learn about our products and technologies. And it's all designed around your particular area of work.

For sales employees, we provide a special orientation program that introduces all the key areas at the company, from support and customer service to technical documentation and training. All field sales employees pass through a comprehensive training program at our company headquarters. For employees in development and innovation, our orientation program provides specific knowledge about technical topics. We also introduce our processes for purchasing and procurement, lean development, project controlling, and industrial property protection.

Once the orientation phase is complete, you won't just know a lot about the products and processes at SEW-EURODRIVE, but will also have gained an insight into business management, legal matters, and logistics. We ensure that you feel comfortable with us from the outset. Only if we work together can we be successful.

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Before I joined SEW‑EURODRIVE, I first completed the IT specialist training program with a focus on system integration. I then had to decide between pursuing a university degree and starting my career. Instead, I chose something in between: I got a year of job experience and then started my Bachelor of Science degree in information technology at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

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